Amulet of the Ka 2 - The Inquisition

Ka2 continues the saga of the mysterious amulet of extragalactic origin. Found in the Egyptian desert during the time of the pharaohs, it is passed down through human history with the power to render altruism, do mischief or wreak havoc around those who possess it. In this volume, a Spanish commandant of dubious reputation and questionable sanity discovers the amulet. Believing Christ speaks to him through this holy relic he sets out on a crusade to bring the world to salvation but instead finds himself standing before the Grand Inquisitor of Rome.
Two stories spanning 2500 years play out simultaneously as we follow the path of Dedu, Tut'ankhamun's peasant friend, as he completes his quest only to find that he's beginning another through the power of the amulet, one that may never end.

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