Turning Skies

An Alaskan Native American teen meets a successful teenage film star on social media, and through their adventures life takes on a whole new meaning. It's poignant and it's humorous but also uplifting in an unusual sort of way. Written for 15 and up.


Amulet of the Ka

A small extragalactic meteorite found by an ancient Egyptian peasant becomes an object of worship, mystery and intrigue as it passes through all of human history. Transformed into an amulet, it was worn by both kings and peasants alike. Whether the stone has the power to gather the essence of the living, or its beauty simply stimulates the human imagination is a question for scientists and philosophers, but one thing is certain …

            It is not what it seems .

Amulet of the Ka 2 - The Inquisition

The saga of the mysterious amulet of extragalactic origin continues. Volume 1 took us from the Egyptian desert during the time of the pharaohs to imperial Rome. In this volume a Spanish Commandant of dubious reputation and questionable sanity discovers the amulet. Believing Christ speaks to him through this holy relic he sets out on a crusade to bring the world to salvation but instead finds himself standing before the Grand Inquisitor of Rome.

That's Not My Name
- Memoir of a Five-Year-Old

An autobiography of childhood memories during the early '60s when the author was between the age of four and six.